You may qualify for Free Cellphone Service every month and a one-time Tablet benefit.

Affordable Connectivity Program


Congress created the long-term Affordable Connectivity Program to help ensure households can afford the internet connections needed for work, school, health care and more for a long time. 

If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program you qualify for two benefits .

One benefit is that you will receive a FREE $30 Monthly Cellphone Service Plan from Selectel Wireless that is fully covered by the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you qualify and live on Tribal Land you will receive a $75 Monthly Service Plan. You can also use the $30.00 ACP benefit as a discount on any of our monthly service plans.

The second benefit is that qualified Affordable Connectivity Program households also receive a one-time connected device benefit. If you have not claimed the one-time device benefit from another provider you can purchase a New Hyundai HyTab 10″ Tablet with screen protector and earbuds for only $11.00 from Selectel Wireless. 

New Selectel Wireless customers will also receive a Free Android Smartphone with Free Shipping.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government program and is limited to one monthly service discount and one connected device discount per household. 

You can pre-apply for the ACP program below if you are currently receiving any of the government assistance programs listed below or if you qualify based on your income or if you have a child that attends a school that participates in CEP. Once you have applied please allow up to 72 hours to receive a response regarding your ACP application.

If you do not qualify and you know someone who does we request your support spreading the word about this program. If you know anyone that qualifies forward this information to them.

You can get ACP if you or someone in your household participate in one of these programs:

Complete the form below to see if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

The Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP) is a long term program operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service and certain connected devices. ACP services and devices are subject to consumer eligibility, provider participation, product availability, and FCC/Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) approval.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is limited to one monthly discount per household and is also limited to one-connected device discount per household. If Congress decides to end this program you will be notified 30 days before the program ends via text message and or email. You may continue as a Selectel Wireless customer when the program ends by purchasing a regular Selectel Wireless monthly service plan which will be subject to Selectel Wireless regular monthly plan rates, terms, and conditions. Call 877-218-5744 if you have any further questions regarding the ACP program.